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Social Responsability - Food Bank  
As a socially responsible organization, MAISIS promotes and participates in events aiming to stimulate social awareness.

In the context of Social Responsibility, MAISIS participated in the spring food raising campaign of the Portuguese Food Bank, during May 2011, coordinating a local supermarket with a team of volunteers.
June 27, 2011

MAISIS takes part in a mission to the nordic countries market  
Between the 2nd and the 4th of February MAISIS was, for the first time, in a mission to the nordic countries market, supported by Portic Think-Tank for Portuguese Internationalization and Inova-Ria.
January 24, 2011

MAISIS among the 200 biggest IT companies  
The total annual turnover of the 200 biggest IT companies in 2009 represented 5,8 million euros, an increase of 7% compared to the 5,5 million euros reported in 2008. 

2009 was the period when the finantial crisis became an economic crisis, bringing bigger issues for many companies, such as relevant reductions in revenues and difficulties in credit access.
November 24, 2010

Maisis distinguished as a member of "PME Inovação COTEC" Network  
Maisis officially became a member of "PME Inovação COTEC" (innovative SMEs), Network that took place on the 9th November at  "Centro Cultural de Belém" (Lisbon), and that was attended by the President of the Portuguese Republic, Professor Aníbal Cavaco Silva. 

The “PME Inovação COTEC” network is a restrict group of companies designed to develop innovative skills for SMEs
October 14, 2010

Informal Business Breakfast - Primavera WebCentral  
Maisis (PRIMAVERA Global Services Partner) together with PRIMAVERA organized for the second time a Business Breakfast about PRIMAVERA WebCentral solution, aiming to increase business opportunities through new web apllications. The event took place on the 25th of May in Lisbon, and on the 27th May in Oporto.
August 27, 2010

Maisis at Mota-Engil day  
Mota-Engil hosts SME Innovation Network COTEC
On the 17th  November Mota-Engil hosted in "Casa da Calçada" (Amarante) representatives of the companies of SME Innovation Network. The meeting aimed to enhance connections between the Mota-Engil Group and these small and medium inovative enterprises. Inovation and Internationalization were the keywords of the day.
November 24, 2010

MAISIS distinguished as "PME Líder"  

Maisis received the status of PME Líder (SME Leader) for its performance qualities, positioning itself as an engine of portuguese economy in its sector of activity.
This award allow us to be part of a limited group of companies that proceed with growth strategies and strengthen their competitive base.

September 17, 2010

Restart - 20th Congress of Communication  
New challenges. New solutions.
The main goal of the congress organized by APDC was to contribute to speed up the economic and social growing in our ever changing world.

Within the slogan "Restart - New challenges. New solutions", more than 1500 attendees and 100 speakers discussed for two days the future of the ICT sector, and also the new paradigms of development in a crisis scenario.
November 24, 2010

ICTs and E-solutions for a E-world - Innovative Portugal, the Iberian Market

Portugal Tecnológico 2010

MAISIS Annual Activity 2010

Certification NP EN ISO 9001:2008

MAISIS News in "Diário de Aveiro" - World Search Project

MAISIS as “Microsoft Certified Partner”
June 16, 2010

World Search Microsoft Project

June 14, 2010

MAISIS@Dialectica 2010

OOBIAN Spanish and Portuguese demos now available!

MAISIS@Microsoft Techdays 2010

April 15, 2010

MATURE Project  

OOBIAN site in Portuguese is now available!

MAISIS as "Primavera Global Services Partner" 

MAISIS Annual Activity 2011  
On the 10th September MAISIS is going to organize the fifth edition of its Annual Activity.

The event combines nature and adventure, and aims to motivate and enhance the communication and relationships between co-workers, contributing to a positive work environment.

CeBIT 2010 was a fantastic experience

COLEPCCL implements ECM, a whole new system  
COLEPCCL, using a market survey of ECM systems and specialized consultants in documentation management/ BPM has selected MAISIS, amongst several other leading IT companies, as their preferred partner in this field.

COLEPCCL is the European leader in the production of aerosol and liquid, being involved in personal hygiene ranges, cosmetics, home hygiene and non prescription drugs. It is also a leading supplier of marketplace solutions/options for the metallic and plastic packaging. The company has as their main client, the major multinational brands of consumer goods, as well as the most important companies in the Iberian Peninsula, operating on the industrial and food sector.
November 2, 2010

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